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Click here to see our Workshop Schedule - our upcoming FREE, informational Essential Oil  gathering will be hosted by Janine Friedman, Wellness Coach on May 28th at 7:00PM.  Please RSVP to Janine, Creator of Esteem!, Young Living Silver Leader,  to reserve your seats and don’t forget to invite a friend! 631.651.2707 and be sure to visit

What is?:
Pilates- Pilates is a non-impactive exercise program designed to strengthen the deep, intrinsic core muscles of the body; abdominals, obliques, mid and low back, inner and outer thigh and glutes.  Pilates is the perfect practice for anyone with spinal issues and of course for anyone looking to find that lost ‘six pack’.  Our mat classes are all open level.    Vinyasa Flow Yoga-  Yoga is a centuries old practice that has developed into a variety of different disciplines.  One of our favorites at Esteem is the Vinyasa Flow practice where participants will be led to gently and gracefully flow from one asana, or pose, to another, making it a welcome practice to newcomers.  Instructors will lead the class through the Sun Salutations and beyond while gaining balance, flexibility, focus and stress release.  Open level classes.   Fitness-  Fitness means different things to different people.  At Esteem, our primary means of Fitness is our energizing Total Body Conditioning classes where you will burn mega calories and build strong muscle tone from weight training while performing plenty of squats, lunges, push-ups and planks. We also offer Cardio Combo and Balanced Body where the emphasis is more gentle cardio movement with lighter weights.  No matter which class you choose, you will have fun and sweat!  These classes can be modified to accommodate any fitness level, ability or age.

What do I need to bring to class?  A bottle of water to all classes. A yoga mat for all yoga and Pilates classes.

Questions about our schedule or programs? Contact us for information:                                                                          631-651-2707


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